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The recently proposed consistent resampling theory for non-bandlimited signals is applied to image resizing and rotation. Images with high frequency components can be resampled using this scheme to achieve high quality performance. Image resizing is treated as resampling using non-ideal interpolation functions. Both zoom in and zoom out by non-integer(More)
AppleScript is a scripting language and environment for the Mac OS. Originally conceived in 1989, AppleScript allows end-users to automate complex tasks and customize Mac OS applications. To automate tasks, AppleScript provides standard programming language features (control flow, variables, data structures) and sends Apple Events to invoke application(More)
— This paper is focus on to design a sampling system with minimum sampling rate for signals in the shift invariant Hilbert space. To achieve this goal, we propose a method to calculate the Rate of Innovation (RI) of signals in the Hilbert space. The RI is then used to identify a suitable sampling kernel as well as the sampling rate for a specific signal. We(More)
T. Kohonen has described an algorithm for fitting a k-dimensional grid of points to a set of points taken from a k-manifold in ~n, for k<~n. The algorithm is inspired by a neural model and bears some of the marks of its ancestry. In this paper we show that if the process converges, it converges to a locally 1-1 mapping of the grid onto the manifold.(More)
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