Edmund J. Graves

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Introduction During 1993, there were an estimated 30.8 million discharges of inpatients, excluding newborn infants, from short-stay non-Federal hospitals in the United States. These discharges accounted for 184.6 million days of inpatient hospital care. The discharge rate was 120.2 per 1,000 population and the average length of stay was 6.0 days. These and(More)
* a This report presents statistics on the use of computerized axial tomography scans by inpatients during the period 1979– 82. The age and sex of the patients who received these scans, their diagnoses, the types of scans they received, and the ex­ pected sources of payment for the scans are shown. In addition, " ormation on the hospitals in which the scans(More)
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