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No photograph in this report may be used in another work without written permission from the photographer. Each World Resources Institute report represents a timely, scholarly treatment of a subject of public concern. WRI takes responsibility for choosing the study topics and guaranteeing its authors and researchers freedom of inquiry. It also solicits and(More)
MONITORING CENTRE is the biodiversity assessment and policy implementation arm of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the world's foremost intergovernmental environmental organization. UNEP-WCMC aims to help decision makers recognize the value of biodiversity to people everywhere, and to apply this knowledge to all that they do. The Centre's(More)
The relationship between the normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) and leaf area index (LAI) was modelled for mangroves growing on the Caicos Bank, Turks and Caicos Islands. NDVI values were used to predict LAI with this model and a thematic map of LAI produced from satellite data for the whole Bank. Mangrove LAI ranged between 0.8 and 7.0, with a(More)
1999 The World Conservation Monitoring Centre, based in Cambridge, UK, is a joint venture between three partners in the World Conservation Strategy and its successor Caring for the Earth: IUCN – The World Conservation Union, UNEP – United Nations Environment Programme, and WWF – World Wide Fund for Nature. The Centre provides information services on the(More)
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