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The economics of cost containment, growing competition, and the introduction of new technology are forcing major changes on the health insurance industry. This transformation will impact the hospital industry in significant ways, hastening its evolution from a cottage industry to a modern corporate structure.
In this paper, interactive survey analysis is broadly conceived so that discussion is not limited simply to researchers fondling data files. The digital computer -- especially the time-shared type -- has potential for constructive use by researchers well beyond the process of analyzing survey data. Consideration is given to accomplished resources, projects(More)
Epstein's phrenoblysis hypothesis states that brain growth and mental growth occur in correlated spurts at 3-10 months and 2-4, 6-8, 10-12 or 13, and 14-16 or 17 years of age. The present study was the first to test statistically such spurts in head-circumference and mental-age growth rates and to assess any correspondence in individual differences between(More)
Assuming that one has access to a large, general-purpose time-sharing system, social scientists would like to have several computational resources. First, large quantities of data should be easily accessible on-line. Second, it should be possible to retrieve and statistically analyze these data without being a skilled programmer. Third, undergraduates(More)
Efforts to control health care costs are encouraging vertical integration in the health services industry. This restructuring is uniting the financing and delivery of health services into one organizational structure. Current trends in health insurance suggest that the principal insurance products of vertically integrated systems will be carefully managed(More)
A mechanism for the discovery, review and distribution of computer-based educational materials pertaining to undergraduate teaching has been established by a project called CONDUIT. It maintains an advisory committee to coordinate activity in the social sciences. This committee of specialists in the combination of social science and computing serves as a(More)
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