Edmund Critchley

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A clinical study of 42 patients with essential tremor is presented. In the case of 12 patients the family history strongly suggested an autosomal dominant mode of transmission, in four the mode of inheritance was indeterminate, and the remaining 26 patients were sporadic cases without an established genetic basis. The tremor involved the upper extremities(More)
A resume of the clinical features presented in the 3 families previously reported with acanthocytosis and normolipoproteinaemia is presented and particular attention paid to the nature of the oro-facial dyskinetic movements seen. No defects were detected in the red cell membranes but a plasma abnormality, possibly related to the increased fibrinogen levels,(More)
Parkinsonism is a degenerative disease. A weakening in the responsiveness to dopamine replacement therapy affects many patients: thus 45% fail to maintain their initial improvement after 2 years' and 50% after 3 years' medication. However, by reducing the peripheral and systemic side actions of dopamine through the selective introduction of sinemet, a(More)
Substance misuse is a major health concern in the United Kingdom, as the consequences for individuals are significant and may include multisystem organ damage. It is important for the dentist to know which patients are misusing substances as some pharmacological agents routinely used in dental practice may be contraindicated. The dentist should be aware of(More)