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BACKGROUND The aortic root enlarges progressively in Marfan's syndrome, and this enlargement is associated with aortic regurgitation and dissection. Long-term treatment with beta-adrenergic blockade, by reducing the impulse (i.e., the rate of pressure change in the aortic root) of left ventricular ejection and the heart rate, may protect the aortic root. (More)
IL-12 and IL-2 can stimulate mitogen- or CD3-activated T cells to proliferate, produce IFN-gamma, and kill tumor cells. The magnitude of these functional responses is greatly augmented when T cells are activated by the combination of IL-12 and IL-2. Although peripheral blood T cells are largely unresponsive to these cytokines without prior activation, a(More)
T HE CLUMPING of platelets is probably the fundamental stage in the formation of thrombi. It was early demonstrated in experimental animals that administration of Di-cnmarol (bishydroxyconmarin; Dicoumarol) in doses adequate to prevent thrombus formation was associated with delay or inhibition of platelet clumping. 1 ' ~ Although it may not be necessary to(More)
Platelets from nine normal male subjects were labeled with In-111 8-hydroxyquinoline (In-111 oxine) in the presence of plasma in either "closed" blood transfer packs or in "open" test tubes. The mean labeling efficiencies in these two systems were 27 and 53%, respectively. Mean survival time of In-111-labeled autologous platelets was 8.76 days, with a(More)