Edmond Rogers

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— In smart grid, the scale of pole devices that monitor the health of power lines is already large, and with the upgrade of smart grid, the number of these resource-constrained (in terms of memory and computation) devices is further increasing. These devices are easy targets to security attacks as they are accessible via wireless network, and they use weak(More)
Our Cyber-Physical Topology Language (CPTL) provides a language that utilities can use to programmatically analyze current and future cyber-physical architectures. The motivation for our research emerged from the importance and limitations of several audit scenarios: account management, vulnerability assessment, and configuration management. Those scenarios(More)
Security vulnerabilities typically arise from bugs in input validation and in the application logic. Fuzz-testing is a popular security evaluation technique in which hostile inputs are crafted and passed to the target software in order to reveal bugs. However, in the case of SCADA systems , the use of proprietary protocols makes it difficult to apply(More)
The Wechsler Memory Scale was administered to 60 hemiplegics and 30 amputees who were matched by age, education, and sex. The results indicated that the orientation subtest has diagnostic value in discriminating between left- and right-sided brain damage in patients and that the right hemisphere may play a proportionately larger role for temporal(More)
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