Edmond Prakash

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Handoff is an important strategy that has to be carried out in a communication system in order to provide a stable and a highly available system. The current proposal provides an effective handoff decision making system using the process of Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM). Every available signal is provided weights according to their properties and(More)
We present a novel approach for recreating life-like experiences through an easy and natural gesture-based interaction. By focusing on the locations and transforming the role of the user, we are able to significantly maximise the understanding of an ancient cultural practice, behaviour or event over traditional approaches. Technology-based virtual(More)
Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU), core unit of a processor, when used for scientific computations, will spend more time in multiplications. For higher order multiplications, a huge number of adders are to be used to perform the partial product addition. Reducing delay in the multiplier reduces the overall computation time. Wallace multipliers perform in(More)
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