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We present a novel approach for recreating life-like experiences through an easy and natural gesture-based interaction. By focusing on the locations and transforming the role of the user, we are able to significantly maximise the understanding of an ancient cultural practice, behaviour or event over traditional approaches. Technology-based virtual(More)
Augmented reality focuses on providing the user with information about objects in the real world in a virtual context. The development of mobile applications using augmented reality and computer graphics technologies has been limited to restricted and constrained interactions. However, advances in video game engines and augmented reality development kits(More)
everal manufacturing technologies that S support rapid prototyping have recently become available both in research laboratories and in the commercial marketplace. These technologiesvariously called layered manufacturing, additive manufacturing, and stereolithography-allow a part, prototype, or tool to be built by laying down material in a gradual,(More)
Subject-object interaction in a museum exhibit requires capture of the rigid museum objects, gestures and tasks performed by visitors as well as the subject-object interactions. Our interactive system takes a real object belonging to the avatar of a Tlingit warrior. The chosen object is a Tlingit war helmet replica which had to be detected by a RGB camera(More)
Education is the process of teaching, educating and developing strategies of learning through developing skills, character and knowledge. Educational games and edutainment are educational methods introduced in educational systems to bring out the creativity and mentality of learners in the society. These technological learning systems engage the student to(More)
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