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Five new Distribution-Entropy Maximum A Posteriori (DE MAP) speckle filters are established for the following cases: single detected, multilook multi-channel detected, single look complex SAR images, separate complex looks, and fully polarimetric SAR data. As shown, these new filters are particularly efficient to reduce speckle noise, while preserving(More)
Owing to the success of past experiments carried out using ERS SAR time-series from late fall to late winter [1-6], we herewith evaluate the potential of RADARSAT in substituting optical images for early crop identification and early crop surfaces estimation. This paper outlines the operational feasibility of very early RADARSAT based acreage estimation of(More)
On January 13th 2001, a very strong earthquake stroke El-Salvador, causing almost 1000 deaths and huge destruction, leaving more than one million people homeless. In support to the rescue teams, a project was put up to provide up-to date maps and to identify damages to housing and infrastructures, covering the whole country. Based on the analysis of SPOT(More)
This paper reports the operational implementation of new techniques for the exploitation of remote sensing data (SAR and optical) in the framework of forestry applications. In particular, we present a new technique for standing timber volume estimation. This technique is based on remote sensing knowledge (SAR and optical synergy) and forestry knowledge(More)
After the devastation caused by two weeks of torrential rain in Venezuela in the second half of December 1999, it is estimated that up to 50,000 people have died in floods and landslides; a further 200,000 people have been left homeless as whole towns along the Caribbean coast have been washed away [1]. Concerned about the dramatic extent of this human(More)
Two new Bayesian Maximum A Posteriori (MAP) vector speckle filters are developed for multi-channel detected Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images. These filters incorporate statistical descriptions of the scene and of the speckle in multi-channel SAR images. These models account for the scene and system effects which result in the presence of a certain(More)
Located in the remote, impenetrable and incompletely mapped rainforest of the Mosquito Coast, the legendary "Ciudad Blanca" of Honduras was never conquered by the Spanish. With time, it was slowly forgotten. JERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR images are used to identify and to locate the lost city, a task made difficult due to the thick vegetation cover. Among the(More)