Edith Meiser

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BACKGROUND Dosage of T(4) in central hypothyroidism is primarily guided by the free serum T(4) level (fT4). However, the optimum fT4 range is ill defined, and subtle hypothyroidism might be missed using this approach. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to investigate the effects of a body weight (bw)-adapted T(4) treatment, alone or in combination with T(3), on(More)
Volume densities of mitochondria, myofibrils, and unspecified cytoplasm were measured by ultrastructural morphometry in myocardium from dogs, rats, hamsters, mice, and in biopsied tissue from human hearts. Human myocardium was composed of 23% mitochondria, 59% myofibrils, and 18% cytoplasm. Volume densities for mitochondria were 22% for dogs, 28% for rats(More)
A study was undertaken to investigate the feasibility of using strain gauges to evaluate the internal setting expansion of dental casting investments. A strain gauge was invested in the center of a casting ring to determine the linear setting expansion at the site of the wax pattern. The findings suggest that strain gauges can be used to measure setting(More)
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