Edith Maier

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The paper discusses an eHealth project which is currently developing an interactive web-based platform that assists patients to self-manage work-related disorders and alcoholism. The focus is on motivating long-term behaviour change. This is supported by an online assessment component based on the technique of motivational interviewing and a feedback(More)
The paper introduces a web-based eHealth platform currently being developed that will assist patients with certain chronic diseases. The ultimate aim is behavioral change. This is supported by online assessment and feedback which visualizes actual behavior in relation to target behavior. Disease-specific information is provided through an information portal(More)
The paper presents the design plan for a mobile solution aimed at stress reduction. The solution will be developed by a team of medics, psychotherapists, HCI experts and knowledge engineers and will provide continuous data sensing and feedback about personal stress levels. At the same time contextual and activity information will be captured. Stress(More)
The effective use of experience as a valuable resource can give companies a competitive edge in a world characterised by an ageing workforce and globalisation. An online survey was conducted in Austria, Germany and Switzerland to find out managers’ attitudes towards experience and if and how they capture, use and disseminate it. The results show that the(More)