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Haemorrhagic transformation (HT) of recently ischaemic brain is a feared complication of thrombolytic therapy that may be caused or compounded by ischaemia-induced activation of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs). The tetracycline antibiotic minocycline inhibits matrix MMPs and reduces macroscopic HT in rodents with stroke treated with tissue plasminogen(More)
A method is described for planning stereotactic approaches to central nervous system lesions utilizing specialized programs contained within the GE sigma Magnetic Resonance Imaging scanner software. The graphic prescription program creates oblique scans relative to a localizer scan made in any standard orthogonal plane and the explicit prescription program(More)
A ventricular catheter and connected subcutaneous reservoir (ventricular access reservoir) allows easy, repeated access to the cerebrospinal fluid for a multitude of purposes. In situations in which the ventricles are small or displaced, insertion of a ventricular catheter may be difficult. Multiple passes to cannulate the ventricle may damage the brain and(More)
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