Edith Hörler

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Based on a new psychopathological model of adjustment disorders (AJD), we propose that AJDs are particular forms of stress response syndromes, in which intrusions, avoidance of reminders, and failure to adapt are core symptoms. We aim to demonstrate that these AJD symptom groups constitute a disorder that is distinct from posttraumatic stress disorder(More)
Multiple blood meals within one gonotrophic cycle were taken readily at 6-24-hr intervals by nulliparous female Anopheles albimanus Wiedemann. Up to five blood meals were ingested and with each blood meal, more primary follicles matured as well as some secondary ones. This produced an irregular oviposition pattern that questioned the concept of gonotrophic(More)
Chymotrypsin and trypsin inhibitors persist throughout all developmental instars of Aedes aegypti. After a blood meal, inhibitor activity against chymotrypsin was more than double that of sugar-fed females, but only weak activity was detected in midguts where proteinase inhibitors has been thought to regulate proteinases during blood digestion. A fourfold(More)
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