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The World Health Organization recommends that pregnant women in malaria-endemic areas receive >or= 2 doses of intermittent preventive treatment with sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine (IPTp/SP) in the second(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the impact of seasonal variation on the distribution of the eba-175 allelic forms in the area where malaria transmission is markedly seasonal. METHODS Blood samples were(More)
There is longstanding evidence that immunoglobulin G (IgG) has a role in protection against clinical malaria, and human antibodies of the cytophilic subclasses are thought to be particularly critical(More)
BACKGROUND Ad35.CS.01 is a pre-erythrocytic malaria candidate vaccine. It is a codon optimized nucleotide sequence representing the P. falciparum circumsporozoite (CS) surface antigen inserted in a(More)
BACKGROUND A single low dose (0.25 mg/kg) of primaquine is recommended as a gametocytocide in combination with artemisinin-based combination therapies for Plasmodium falciparum but its effect on(More)