Edita Dolimier

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Although a serious impediment in haemophilia patients, difficulty accessing peripheral veins has received little attention in clinical studies. New peripheral vein visualization devices could potentially ameliorate difficult venous access (DVA), but their utility remains unproved. The study aim was to survey the frequency, causes and clinical manifestations(More)
Factor VIII inhibitor bypass activity (FEIBA) is a recommended first-line bypassing agent for bleeding episodes in patients with acquired haemophilia A (AHA). Due to the low incidence of AHA, available clinical data on FEIBA treatment are limited. The study aim was to delineate practice patterns in FEIBA treatment of AHA patients, the haemostatic efficacy(More)
INTRODUCTION The value and challenges of long-term prophylaxis (LTP) in adolescents and young adults need further characterisation. AIM To determine the proportions of adolescents and young adults with severe or moderately severe haemophilia in France under LTP and treatment on demand (OD). METHODS Patients 15 to 25years old with haemophilia A or B,(More)
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