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BACKGROUND The severe shortage of qualified healthcare staff in Hungary cannot be quickly or easily overcome. There is not only a lack of human resources for health, but significant inequalities are widespread, including in geographical distribution. This disparity results in severe problems regarding access to and performance of health care services. In(More)
BACKGROUND Health workforce (HWF) planning and monitoring processes face challenges regarding data and appropriate indicators. One such area fraught with difficulties is labour activity and, more specifically, defining headcount and full-time equivalent (FTE). This study aims to review national practices in FTE calculation formulas for selected EU Member(More)
Glutamine establishes feedback control of glutamine synthetase (EC in Escherichia coli over a novel loop, viz. by its effect on an enzymatic adenylylation of glutamine synthetase, whose activity is thus modulated. Positive effecters of the adenylyl transfer reaction, magnesium ion and glutamine, increase the number of -SH groups in(More)
Background: A strong and responsive health workforce (HWF) is essential for sustainable health care systems. Planning the appropriate HWF for provision of high-quality care and moving towards universal health coverage is a key issue for health policy, in which education and labour market dynamics should be taken into consideration. The macro-level trends(More)
Tuberculosis can be reactivated under specific treatment, as immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome (IRIS), in HIV patients under antiretroviral treatment. We report two observations of tuberculosis exacerbation with extension to other territories (lymph node and pericarditis) occurring 3 weeks and 4 months after administration of tuberculosis(More)
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