Edison Pignaton de Freitas

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This work presents a proposal to use aspect orientation in the analysis and design of Distributed Embedded Real-time Systems (DERTS). These systems have several requirements directly related to their main characteristics, the so-called Non-Functional Requirements (NFR), which refer to orthogonal properties, conditions, and restrictions that are spread out(More)
Distributed Embedded Real-time Systems (DERTS) have several requirements directly related to characteristics that are difficult to handle when a pure object-oriented method is used for their development. These requirements are called Non-Functional Requirements (NFR) and refer to orthogonal properties, conditions, and restrictions that are spread out over(More)
Embedded systems have several characteristics, such as application specific needs, real-time constraints and intrinsic embedded concerns (i.e. energy consumption), which hinder the reuse of previously developed components as well as their adaptation to provide variability in a software product line. As more applications require embedded system solutions, it(More)
The emerging applications using sensor network technologies constitute a new trend requiring several different devices to work together and partly autonomously. However, the integration and coordination of heterogeneous sensors in these emerging systems is still a challenge, especially when the target application scenario is susceptible to constant changes.(More)
This paper presents the evaluation of a multithread distributed real-time object-oriented platform. A communication API was developed to increase functionalities of an API that implements the Real-Time Specification for Java standard, extending it to cover embedded distributed applications. Real-time restrictions of the communication are ensured by a(More)