Edip Demirbilek

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The paper describes an application system that employs the new German Health Card to provide a technical solution for tracking patient pathways. The aim is to improve the flow and availability of health care information. We used standard software components and technologies in order to facilitate interoperability with multiple system platforms and allow for(More)
—We have developed reduced reference parametric models for estimating perceived quality in audiovisual multi-media services. We have created 144 unique configurations for audiovisual content including various application and network parameters such as bitrates and distortions in terms of band-width, packet loss rate and jitter. To generate the data needed(More)
We make an intensive use of multimedia frameworks in our research on modeling the perceived quality estimation in streaming services and real-time communications. In our preliminary work, we have used the VLC VOD software to generate reference audiovisual files with various degree of coding and network degradations. We have successfully built machine(More)
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