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Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants that have a post-Golgi block in the exocytic pathway accumulate 100-nm vesicles carrying secretory enzymes as well as plasma membrane and cell-wall components. We have separated the vesicle markers into two groups by equilibrium isodensity centrifugation. The major population of vesicles contains Bg12p, an endoglucanase(More)
Exocytic vesicles that accumulate in a temperature-sensitive sec6 mutant at a restrictive temperature can be separated into at least two populations with different buoyant densities and unique cargo molecules. Using a sec6 mutant background to isolate vesicles, we have found that vacuolar protein sorting mutants that block an endosome-mediated route to the(More)
T WENTY-FIVE years ago, F-actin was discovered to be the major component of microfilaments in animal cells (36). Since then, actin has been found in virtually all eukaryotic cells. What functions do microfilaments perform? Studies in animal cells have provided us with a picture of F-actin as the backbone of many structurally and functionally diverse(More)
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