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An analysis of patients dying in hospital was carried out in a practice. The research showed that patients with non-malignant disease are overrepresented. Despite good district nurse support, identifying those likely to die and predicting death is more difficult than with cancer. There is a high rate of admission from nursing homes, and a reluctance by(More)
KEY MESSAGES Football is a high profile sport with a close relationship with alcohol, and many elite players have had problems with addiction. This can help raise public awareness of problem drinking. WHY THIS MATTERS TO US We encounter alcohol problems daily in our different perspectives as a GP and an Accident and Emergency Consultant. Both of us are(More)
In 2004 eight new countries (the A8) were admitted into the European Union (EU), allowing their citizens full rights of settlement and employment in the UK. Initial estimates by the Labour government were that between 5000 and 13 000 people would migrate to the UK, which proved a gross underestimate. Although exact population data is difficult to obtain(More)
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Youth unemployment: a public health problem set to worsen if older people work longer In 2012 the coalition government decided to increase the retirement age and reform public sector pensions. 1 The logic behind this is that increased life expectancy makes payouts under the old terms unsustainable for the public purse. I believe this move is misguided for(More)