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One-third of all Trypanosoma cruzi -infected patients eventually develop chronic Chagas' disease cardiomyopathy (CCC), a particularly lethal inflammatory dilated cardiomyopathy, where parasites are scarce and heart-infiltrating mononuclear cells seem to be the effectors of tissue damage. Since T. cruzi is a major inducer of interleukin-12 production, the(More)
Cellular subpopulations that infiltrate the heart in human chronic chagasic myocarditis were defined immunohistochemically in endomyocardial biopsy (EMB) specimens. T cells formed 96.3% of the inflammatory infiltrate, predominantly CD8+ (cytotoxic/suppressor) T cells. The mean numbers of CD8+ and CD4+ (helper) T cells in the myocarditis were compared to(More)
Exercise is an effective intervention for treating hypertension and arterial stiffness, but little is known about which exercise modality is the most effective in reducing arterial stiffness and blood pressure in hypertensive subjects. Our purpose was to evaluate the effect of continuous vs. interval exercise training on arterial stiffness and blood(More)
Exercise training has an important role in the prevention and treatment of hypertension, but its effects on the early metabolic and hemodynamic abnormalities observed in normotensive offspring of hypertensive parents (FH+) have not been studied. We compared high-intensity interval (aerobic interval training, AIT) and moderate-intensity continuous exercise(More)
We prospectively studied bone marrow stem cell (BMSC) therapy in 23 patients with non ischemic refractory heart failure(HF) in comparison with a HF control group with 17 patients. BMSC patients randomly underwent granulocyte-colony stimulating factor (G-CSF) administration (14 patients) or G-CSF associated to BMSC intracoronary infusion (eight patients).(More)
BACKGROUND Stimulated endothelium-derived relaxing factor-mediated vasodilation and conduit artery distensibility are impaired in congestive heart failure (CHF). L-arginine could have a potentially beneficial role in CHF, acting through the nitric oxide (NO)-L-arginine pathway or by growth hormone increment. HYPOTHESIS This study was undertaken to(More)
Improvement in congestive heart failure and left ventricular function after dynamic cardiomyoplasty has been reported in patients with severe cardiomyopathies, but the long-term effects of this procedure remain unclear. In this investigation 31 patients undergoing cardiomyoplasty for treatment of idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy were annually investigated(More)
INTRODUCTION Endomyocardial biopsy (EMB) plays an important role in allograft surveillance to screen an acute rejection episode after heart transplantation (HT), to diagnose an unknown cause of cardiomyopathies (CMP) or to reveal a cardiac tumor. However, the procedure is not risk free. OBJECTIVE The main objective of this research was to describe our(More)
BACKGROUND Hyponatremia and congestive phenomena indicate a bad prognosis in decompensated heart failure. The occurrence of renal failure is associated to an increased death risk. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the hypertonic saline solution in patients with decompensated heart failure for renal failure prevention. METHODS Patients(More)