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OBJECTIVE To assess the efficacy of propionyl-carnitine (PC) in patients with type 2 diabetes and peripheral arterial disease (PAD). PATIENTS AND METHODS This was an open pharmacodynamic study. Twenty-four obese patients with type 2 diabetes and PAD (stage IIb) were enrolled in the study. After an initial run-in period of 7 days on a low-calorie diet(More)
In clinical practice, the coincidence of nephrotic syndrome with pheochromocytoma is very rare. The case is described of a 23-year-old woman who in June 1988 presented with recurrent hypertensive crises, severe asthenia, abundant sweats, orthostatic hypertension and massive proteinuria. Diagnostic tests performed (abdominal ultrasound and CT, urinalysis,(More)
The authors describe a case of hypothyroidism the only symptom of which at presentation was myopathy. Hypothyroidism was diagnosed only after abnormalities of thyroid hormones, thyroid scanning, and antithyroglobulin and antimicrosome antibodies were found. The authors conclude that the diagnosis of hypothyroidism is very difficult in the absence of the(More)
The authors have described a hypothyroidism clinic event with both non-specific symptoms and retrobulbar neuritis. They conclude that the above-mentioned pathology is somewhat insidious since, affecting the whole body, it can arise with non-specific symptoms thus averting towards a wrong diagnosis.
Fifty obese (BMI = 40.1 +/- 1.5) subjects (21 men and 21 women; average age 38.6 +/- 3.8 years) were prescribed a 600 cal/day diet (carbohydrates 30 g, proteins 60 g, lipids 10 g). Thirty patients were also given benfluorex (three tablets/day) for six months (Group A), whereas the other 20 patients (Group B) were treated with the dietary measures only.(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to evaluate the hydro-surgery VERSAJET system as a suitable alternative to the traditional invasive tissue sampling technique in detecting bacteria and their load in chronic wounds in the elderly. MATERIALS AND METHODS To investigate and evaluate bacterial incidence and load in chronic wounds, we simultaneously performed on(More)
One-stage implant-based breast reconstruction has been recently improved by the introduction of biological [acellular dermal matrix (ADM)] and synthetic meshes. Advantages of ADMs in implant-based breast reconstruction derive from the expansion of the space available for the direct positioning of an implant, but their use could be associated with several(More)
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