Edgardo Rojas-Mancilla

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Perinatal asphyxia occurs still with great incidence whenever delivery is prolonged, despite improvements in perinatal care. After asphyxia, infants can suffer from short- to long-term neurological sequelae, their severity depend upon the extent of the insult, the metabolic imbalance during the re-oxygenation period and the developmental state of the(More)
Perinatal asphyxia constitutes a prototype of obstetric complications occurring when pulmonary oxygenation is delayed or interrupted. The primary insult relates to the duration of the period lacking oxygenation, leading to death if not re-established. Re-oxygenation leads to a secondary insult, related to a cascade of biochemical events required for(More)
The cluster Re6Se8I63- has been shown to induce preferential cell death of a hepatic carcinoma cell line, thus becoming a promising anti-cancer drug. Whether this cluster induces acute hemolysis or if it interacts with albumin remains unclear. The effect of acute exposure of human red blood cells to different concentrations of the cluster with and without(More)
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