Edgardo Montes de Oca

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MMT (Montimage Monitoring Tool) is a monitoring solution that combines: data capture, filtering and storage, events extraction, statistics collection, traffic analysis and reporting. In the context of the PIMI and DIAMONDS projects, Montimage is developing MMT-Security: a security analysis solution (part of MMT) that inspects network traffic against a set(More)
The complexity and the variety of the deployed time dependent systems, as well as the high degree of reliability required for their global functioning, justify the care provided to the design of the best possible tests. Moreover,it is significant to automate these steps with an aim of reducing the time and the development cost and especially of increasing(More)
The service-oriented approach is becoming more and more popular to integrate highly heterogeneous systems. Web services are the natural evolution of conventional middleware technologies to support Web-based and enterprise level integration. Formal testing of such Web-based technology is a key point to guarantee its reliability. In this paper, we choose a(More)
In this paper we propose a passive conformance testing technique applied to a Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) routing protocol, OLSR, that is characterized by a dynamically changing topology and lack of centralized management. This makes it necessary to investigate new ways to test complex scenarios and configurations. The work here proposes a formal passive(More)
The main drivers for the mobile core network evolution is to serve the future challenges and set the way to 5G networks with need for high capacity and low latency. Different technologies such as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networking (SDN) are being considered to address the future needs of 5G networks. However, future(More)
L'utilisation de modélisations formelles est devenue une partie intégrante du processus de développement de logiciels sûrs. En effet, une bonne modélisation du système à développer permet d'améliorer la qualité des logiciels en détectant, par exemple, certaines vulnérabilités avant même leurs déploiements. Dans cette optique, ce papier propose une nou-velle(More)
Although the adoption of the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) keeps growing, IMS applications are often integrated to the system without being formally tested. In this work, we are interested in the IMS Push over Cellular (PoC) service, an OMA standard. We propose a conformance passive testing approach to check that its implementation respects the main(More)
Context. Passive testing is a technique in which traces collected from the execution of a system under test are examined for evidence of flaws in the system. Objective. In this paper we present a method for detecting the presence of security vulnerabilities by detecting evidence of their causes in execution traces. This is a new approach to security(More)
Conformance testing is crucial to the quality and reliability of routing protocols for pervasive communications. Most of the works are devoted to their simulations in order to study their performance in a simulated context without taking into account their formal requirements and specifications. Our work tackles the formal methods to test the conformance of(More)