Edgardo Miranda

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Some neurodevelopmental hypotheses of schizophrenia have postulated that sex differences in onset of illness could be explained by sexual dimorphism in onset of puberty, suggesting that early maturation accounts for the later onset of illness in women. The objective of this study was to analyse the relationship between age of menarche and age of onset of(More)
BACKGROUND There is conflicting evidence about the emotional impact of bariatric surgery among obese individuals. AIM To evaluate anxiety, depression and self-concept, before and after bariatric surgery among patients with morbid obesity. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifteen males and 5 females aged 28 to 61 years with a mean body mass index of 42.6 ± 5(More)
BACKGROUND The Hamilton scale, applied by an external evaluator and the self rating Beck inventory for depression, can give discrepant results in psychiatric patients with depression. AIM To compare depression scores obtained with the Hamilton scale and the Beck inventory in general medical patients. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients attending an outpatient(More)
We studied 40 patients with cervical spine disease who had headache (Group A) with 40 patients with disease and no headache (Group B). In addition to clinical and radiologic evaluation, 24 patients in group A and 27 in Group B had electromyographic study, which was normal en 18 of the former and 4 of the latter group. Abnormal neurologic findings were(More)
BACKGROUND Latina mothers who care for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) over the lifespan struggle to take care of their own health needs in the context of their caregiving experience. Services are typically aimed at the persons with IDD and not their family caregivers. Yet, attending to family caregiver needs may contribute(More)