Edgardo Ambrosi

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— In this paper we propose a new architecture for an inferential monitoring and discovery system for Grid. The system supports reasoning activities on a knowledge base formalising the relevant concepts and relevant relationships to a grid computing environment. The current applied Grid Information Index System (GIS) shows infrastructural and technological(More)
We present a method to automatically generate a term-opinion lexicon. We also weight these lexicon terms and use them at real time to boost the ranking with opinionated-content documents. We define very simple models both for opinion-term extraction and document ranking. Both the lexicon model and retrieval model are assessed. To evaluate the quality of the(More)
— In order for Web services to be able to fully exploit the advantages of dynamic binding, requesting agents must be given a way to select the most " convenient " service at invoke time. Current techniques do not address the problem of selecting services that best fit a requester' needs. In this paper, we propose an extension of the UDDI specification in(More)
The focus of our participation was optimal selection and use of diverse feedback documents. Assuming that the query has a topical structure and that the user is interested only in some query topics and assuming also that only a small amount of feedback information will be made available, the goal was to select topic representatives to be used as feedback(More)
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