Edgard Benítez-Guerrero

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A data warehouse (DW) is a vast collection of historical data built to support multidimensional data analysis applications. In this context, an important problem is that of evolving the implementation (multidimensional, relational) schema of a DW to incorporate new requirements. This paper introduces a conceptual evolution model based on bitemporal(More)
This paper describes the WHES system that enables the creation and evolution of data warehouses. WHES supports a data warehouse evolution model and its associated language MDL. Using a multidimensional approach, this allows one to define and modify the warehouse schema (even in the presence of data) independently of the database model used to implement it.(More)
A Mobile Collaborative System (MCOS) enable the cooperation of the members of a team to achieve a common goal by using a combination of mobile and fixed technologies. MCOS can be enhanced if the context of the group of users is considered in the execution of activities. This paper proposes a novel model for Context-Aware Mobile COllaborative Systems(More)
Tutoring systems are a common tool for delivering educational content and recent advances in this field include the detection of and reaction to learners’ motivation. A data set derived from interactions in a tutoring system and its motivationally-aware variant provided opportunities to discover patterns of behavior in connection with motivational feedback.(More)
A Context-Aware Groupware System (CAGS) enables the members of a team to communicate, cooperate and coordinate their activities to achieve a common goal, by providing them tools that are aware of their current execution context and adapt accordingly. CAGS can be found in several domains such as entertainment, particularly Collaborative First-Person-Shooter(More)