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Spindle pole bodies, basal bodies and centrosomes are morphologically quite different structures that nevertheless perform similar microtubule-organizing functions in diverse cell types. The recent discoveries that both centrins and gamma-tubulin are common components of these structures suggest a molecular basis for their common functions. The role of(More)
This paper discusses a concept for inferring attributes of 'frontier research' in peer-reviewed research project proposals under the European Research Council (ERC) scheme. The concept serves two purposes: 1) to conceptualize and define, automatically extract, and comparatively assess attributes of frontier research in proposals; and 2) to build and compare(More)
In this work the well known scientometric concepts of bibliographically coupled publications and co-cited references were applied to produce interactive maps of research fronts and knowledge bases of research fields. This article proposes a method and some standardization for the detection and visualization of research fronts and knowledge bases with two(More)
Theme: Primary: S&T indicators for the identification of emerging fields (Theme 2); Secondary: Visualisation and Science Mapping: tools, methods and applications (Theme 5). 1 Background This paper focuses on methodological approaches for characterising the specific topics within a technological field based on scientific literature data. We introduce a(More)
Recent studies on first- and second-order similarities have shown that the latter one outperforms the first one as input for document clustering or partitioning applications. First-order similarities based on bibliographic coupling or on lexical approaches come with specific methodological issues like sparse matrices, sensitive to spelling variances or(More)
This paper discusses a concept for inferring attributes of ‘frontier research’ in peer-reviewed research proposals under the popular scheme of the European Research Council (ERC). The concept serves two purposes: firstly to conceptualize, define and operationalize in scientometric terms attributes of frontier research; and secondly to build and compare(More)
Negative results are not popular to disseminate. However, their publication would help to save resources and foster scientific communication. This study analysed the bibliometric and semantic nature of negative results publications. The Journal of Negative Results in Biomedicine (JNRBM) was used as a role model. Its complete articles from 2002–2009 were(More)