Edgar R Guzman-Bautista

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Polymeric immunoglobulins (pIgs) mucosal secretion is mediated by the pIg secretory immune system (PISIS), which is composed of J-chain (JC) and antibody (IgM/IgA) producing cells (JC-AbPC), pIg receptor (pIgR) epithelial cell expression and the efficient release of secretory Igs (SIgs) to the mucosal lumen. A poor development or disturbances in this system(More)
Newborn mammals are highly susceptible to respiratory infections. Although maternal antibodies (MatAb) offer them some protection, they may also interfere with their systemic immune response to vaccination. However, the impact of MatAb on the neonatal mucosal immune response remains incompletely described. This study was performed to determine the effect of(More)
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