Edgar O. Oviedo-Rondón

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Leg problems and resulting mortality can exceed 1% per week in turkey toms starting at approximately 15 wk of age. Dietary supplementation of organic trace minerals (MIN) and 25-hydroxycholecalciferol (HyD) may improve performance, decrease incidence of leg abnormalities, and increase bone strength. Nicholas 85X700 toms were assigned to 4 treatments(More)
1 of a trade name, proprietary product, or specific equipment does not constitute a guarantee or warranty by the University of Arkansas and does not imply its approval to the exclusion of other products that may be suitable. BMD-50; Alpharma, Abstract: A study was conducted to evaluate the response of broilers to diets containing a mannan oligosaccharide,(More)
S61 Responses of broilers to low crude protein diets formulated based on current nutritional knowledge. Low crude protein diets (LCPd) can support average broiler performance as long as attention in formulation is paid to all amino acid (AA) levels. LCPd supplemented with synthetic AA has been previously tested within different dietary periods separately,(More)
Two experiments were conducted to examine the effects of broiler breeder dietary grain source and cage density on maternal antibody (MatAb) transfer to progeny in 2 genetic strains (A and B). Broiler breeders were assigned to 16 litter floor pens and fed either corn- or wheat-based diets. Breeders were administered 4 live vaccines against Newcastle disease(More)
A study was conducted to examine how 2 feeder space allocations during the rearing period followed by 2 feeder space allocations after photostimulation and 2 female feeding to peak programs (fast or slow) affected female broiler breeder reproductive performance and mortality. Sixteen pens of 76 breeder females each were equipped with either 4 tube feeders(More)
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