Edgar Lodemann

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A two-dimensional electrophoretic technique combining blue native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (BN-PAGE) with Tricine sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS)-PAGE was previously used for the localization of oxidative phosphorylation (OXPHOS) defects in human diseases starting from biopsy or autopsy tissues (Schägger, H., Electrophoresis 1995, 16, 763-770). In(More)
The chicken fibroblast cell line C32 has been transfected with the chicken homolog (Ch-IRF-1) of the mammalian transcription factor IRF-1. Stable transfectants were generated, constitutively overexpressing Ch-IRF-1 mRNA and protein. Cells overexpressing Ch-IRF-1 showed enhanced constitutive expression of MHC class I (B-F, beta-microglobulin) antigens. With(More)
T h y m i d i n e was r em oved af ter each 15-hour period by wash ing t he cu l ture wi th w a r m med i um. The synchron iza t ion was moni to red by incorpora t ing 3H-deoxycy t id ine into cellular D N A and e s t ima t i ng mi to t ic indices. In t e r f e ron was induced by po ly (1) 9 poly (C) (30 vg/ml) and D E A E d e x t r a n (60 ~zg/ml) g iven a(More)
Four basic dyes, two thiazine dyes (toluidine blue, methylene blue) and two acridine dyes (trypaflavine, acridine orange), enhance the induction of interferon by polyIC in L cells. This effect is more likely the result of charge neutralization than protection of the polynucleotide against degradation by RNase.
Four basic dyes, toluidine blue, methyleneblue, trypaflavine and acridine orange promote the appearance of an antiviral activity in the serum of mice after intraperitoneal injection of one of the compounds. Optimal activity was determined 4–10 hours after injection of a dose of 50–70 μg trypaflavine per mouse. Preliminary characterization experiments(More)
Determinations of (2'-5')oligoadenylate synthetase (OAS) in extracts of peripheral mononuclear cells were used to monitor clinical treatment by human leukocyte-derived alpha-interferon (IFN-alpha). The maximum activity of this enzyme was detected about 6 h after the maximum IFN activity in the patient's serum, its half-life being severalfold longer than(More)
Four children with juvenile laryngeal papillomatosis were treated with human leukocyte interferon (IFN-alpha) by intravenous infusions. In three cases the clinical course of the disease was effected favorably. Serum IFN titers and (2'-5')oligo(A) synthetase (OAS) levels in lymphocytes of the patients were measured once a week during therapy. Levels of serum(More)
OBJECTIVE Determination of early prognostic factors in patients with recurrent respiratory papillomatosis is extremely important, so the major goal of our prospective, multicentre study was to evaluate (1) the feasibility of various factors to determine prognosis of the clinical course, as well as (2) the response to interferon-alpha therapy in recurrent(More)