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The goal of developing quality software can be achieved by focusing on the improvement of both product quality and process quality. While the traditional focus has been on product quality, there is an increased awareness of the benefits of improving the quality of the processes used to develop and support those products. These processes are key elements in(More)
Consumer exposure to chemicals from products and articles is rarely monitored. Since an assessment of consumer exposure has become particularly important under the European REACH Regulation, dedicated modelling approaches with exposure assessment tools are applied. The results of these tools are critically dependent on the default input values embedded in(More)
T3 administration and high CHO feeding. In fat, ME also responded synergistically. The interaction was reflected in ani increased sensitivity to T3. The dose of T3 required to achieve 50%Y maximal response was reduced threeto seven-fold by the high CHO diet. This phenomenon could not be attributed to a dietary-induced alteration either in T3 metabolism or(More)
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