Edgar Hoffman

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BACKGROUND Standardization of renal allograft biopsy interpretation is necessary to guide therapy and to establish an objective end point for clinical trials. This manuscript describes a classification, Banff 97, developed by investigators using the Banff Schema and the Collaborative Clinical Trials in Transplantation (CCTT) modification for diagnosis of(More)
Extracellular adenosine (Ado) has been implicated as central signaling molecule during conditions of limited oxygen availability (hypoxia), regulating physiologic outcomes as diverse as vascular leak, leukocyte activation, and accumulation. Presently, the molecular mechanisms that elevate extracellular Ado during hypoxia are unclear. In the present study,(More)
Monocyte-specific monoclonal antibodies (7) were used to compare the efficacy of monocytes and dendritic cells as accessory or stimulator cells for human T cell replication. Both unfractionated and plastic-adherent mononuclear cells were first treated with a cytolytic antimonocyte antibody that kills greater than 95% of monocytes but not dendritic cells.(More)
The adjuvant properties of Micropolyspora faeni, an important source of antigenic material in the production of farmer's lung, were evaluated by comparing antibody- and cell-mediated immune responses of rabbits to bovine serum albumin (BSA) incorporated in complete Freund's adjuvant (CFA), incomplete Freund's adjuvant (IFA) and incomplete Freund's adjuvant(More)
Although precipitating antibody is associated with human hypersensitivity pneumonitis, there is evidence that cell-mediated hypersensitivity may be involved in disease pathogenesis. In this study, interstitial, and peribronchial lesions were produced by respiratory challenge of rabbits passively sensitized with ovalbumin-sensitive lymph node cells.(More)
In a study designed to assess the potential sensitizing and granulomagenic capacities of selected metallic salts, rabbits were inoculated intradermally with zirconium aluminum glycinate (ZAG), sodium zirconium lactate (NZL), aluminum chlorhydrate (ACH), BeSO 4, and ovalbumin (OVA) by single and multiple injections. Animals immunized with BeSO4 and with OVA(More)