Edgar Guerrero

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Due to the advances in device miniaturization it is often necessary to get a better understanding of the physical fabrication processes by applying advanced physical models. Since existing process modeling programs can handle only specific physical quantities, we have developed general purpose solvers for one and two space dimensions which are able to treat(More)
Farming of Hass-variety-avocado has become an important economic activity in Colombian agriculture for covering local market requirements but also for exporting high quality fruits to foreign markets. Many processes still need to be improved in different regions of Colombia where Hass variety is cultivated in order to increase the efficiency during(More)
─ Currently one out of six couples present fertility problems, with 50% of the cases being due to the male. Until now, seminal fluid analysis is the only test that evaluates a male's fertility potential. Among other parameters, sperm viability is manually assessed, which contributes to high data variability as a result of expert subjectivity and(More)
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