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The oxidative removal of two different methyl groups from scoparone by a cytochrome P-450-mediated reaction proceeds with greater velocity for the 6-methyl group than for the 7-methyl group. In vivo experiments in mice were carried out with the two respective radioisomers [6-methyl-14C]scoparone and [7-methyl-14C]scoparone. The consecutive administration of(More)
Five hundred and ninety-nine overweight patients participated for at least 4 weeks in the weight reducing and physical activity promoting Diet and Fitness Center program at Duke University. Twenty-three percent were diabetic and 49% hypertensive. With only modest weight loss (11.8 kg in males and 8.2 kg in females) abnormal levels of blood pressure, fasting(More)
Es wurde gezeigt, daß bei subcutaner Injektion von Glucoselösungen mit steigender Gabe neben der Erhöhung eine Verzögerung im zeitlichen Eintritt des hyperglykämischen Maximums beobachtet wird. Wenn durch Gabenteilung der Oberfläche des injizierten Zuckerdepots gleicher Zuwachs wie dem Volumen (Menge) erteilt wird, tritt unabhängig von der Gabengröße das(More)
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At an interval of six weeks 177 so-called normal citizens were questioned in respect to their opinions on antisociality. They described as antisocial primarily those persons or behaviors, which are detrimental towards others. Criminal behavior was qualified by them as extremely antisocial. Lack of education or false education were given as major causes of(More)
126 elementary school teachers were interviewed in respect to their concepts of school failure and antisociality. According to their opinions antisociality finds its expression especially in the following behaviour: delinquent and/or destructive actions against others or the state, deliberate disturbance of social peace and order in a society, and(More)
In Intersalt, positive relations between 24-hour urinary sodium and potassium excretion and blood pressure were observed in over 10,000 men and women in 52 centers around the world. Body mass index (BMI), alcohol intake and smoking showed different associations with blood pressure in various population groups. We investigated these variables in the 2(More)