Edgar Eduardo Benitez Olivo

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This letter investigates the outage probability of a variable-gain amplify-and-forward full-duplex relaying network in which not only the relaying link but also the direct link is used to convey information, thus improving the system reliability. We consider a basic three-node relaying system composed of a source, a destination, and a two-antenna relay-one(More)
We propose an adaptive transmission scheme for cognitive decode-and-forward relaying networks, whereby, before each communication process, one out of three transmission modes is dynamically selected in order to maximize the instantaneous capacity of the system, namely, half-duplex (HD) relaying, fullduplex (FD) relaying, or direct transmission with no(More)
We investigate the impact of outdated channel estimates on the outage performance of a distributed link-selection scheme recently proposed for variable-gain amplify-and-forward relaying networks. In this scheme, either the direct link or the relaying link is preselected before each transmission, based on a distributed mechanism. We begin by showing that an(More)
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