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A handheld portable dental intraoral x-ray system is available in the United States and elsewhere. The system is designed to minimize the user's radiation dose. It includes specially designed shielding of the x-ray tube housing and an integral radiation shield to minimize backscatter. Personnel radiation dose records were obtained from 18 dental facilities(More)
An evaluation of available personnel monitoring data and radium body burden records of dial painters handling an annual average of 1.5 Ci of radium indicates that they received an average of about 2 rem/person whole body exposure, 3 rem to the lungs from radon inhalation and 0.2 rad to the bone from radium body burdens. Among groups of similar workers(More)
Since the opening of the first disposal site for commercially generated low-level radioactive waste at Beatty, Nevada, in September 1962, the states have been explicitly involved in the process. The states have been involved as landowners, regulators, environmental monitors, and sometimes promoters of the sites and/or the businesses operating the sites.
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