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Efflux pathways for amino acids, K, and Cl activated during regulatory volume decrease (RVD) were characterized in cultured cerebellar granule neurons exposed to hyposmotic conditions. Results of this study favor diffusion pores (presumably channels) over energy-dependent transporters as the mechanisms responsible for the efflux of these osmolytes. The(More)
In continuous production networks such as oil fields, global optimization requires to optimize not only production mechanisms, but also scheduling mechanisms for continuous flows of products through the different units that belong to the production complex. Two functions must be performed in order to efficiently operate a production network: coordination to(More)
Organization of a project within an Enterprise network raises several key issues in terms of decision and execution control. The distributed nature of the network requires a high level of autonomy in taking decisions and executing tasks, while operational efficiency calls for an optimal use of human and physical resources, and for efficient coordination(More)