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Caripito itch, a pruritic dermatosis rarely seen in the United States, is caused by contact with moths of the genus Hylesia--specifically, with urticating abdominal hairs of the adult female moth. The purpose of this study was to investigate an outbreak of Caripito itch that occurred in thirty-four of thirty-five crew members of a British oil tanker who(More)
Cobb syndrome consists of a vascular skin nevus associated with an angioma in the spinal cord. We describe a young man with this condition. To our knowledge, this is the 28th case reported. Cobb syndrome must be differentiated from other syndromes characterized by vascular cutaneous lesions associated with central nervous system abnormalities, such as(More)
A one-step procedure has been developed for the separation of epidermal cells using PERCOLL (a new colloidal silica medium of low viscosity, osmolarity, and toxicity) for density gradient centrifugation. Newborn rat epidermal cells were dispersed with trypsin-EDTA and separated into 4 fractions in discontinuous isokinetic gradients. The cell fractions were(More)
Lafora's disease is a neurometabolic disease characterized by progressive myoclonus epilepsy. It is thought to be transmitted by autosomal recessive inheritance. The diagnosis of Lafora's disease is based on both clinical symptomatology and histologic detection of intracytoplasmic periodic acid-Schiff-positive inclusions, termed Lafora bodies. Despite the(More)
BACKGROUND Onychomycosis impairs normal nail functions, causes considerable pain, interferes with daily activities, and has negative psychosocial effects. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to determine patients' perception of onychomycosis on the quality of life. METHODS A total of 258 patients with confirmed onychomycosis were surveyed by telephone at three(More)
In previously sensitized volunteers, higher concentrations of 2,4-dinitrochlorobenzene were necessary to elicit positive patch test reactions on the sun-damaged skin of the neck than on the protected skin of the upper part of the back. This difference was not found in subjects without evidence of sun damage, and there was no difference between sun-damaged(More)
A multicentre study was conducted to compare clinical safety and efficacy of adapalene 0.1% solution and tretinoin 0.025% gel, both topical treatments for acne, in a once-daily dosage regimen for 12 weeks. A total of 297 patients were enrolled by eight investigators in this randomized, investigator-masked study in a parallel group design. An open label(More)
What is to our knowledge the first apocrine cystadenoma reported on the penile shaft is described. Of 96 previously reported apocrine cystadenomas, more than 90% were located on the face, ears, or scalp; the remainder occurred on the chest, axilla, or prepuce. Apocrine cystadenoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis of solitary blue, gray, or(More)