Edgar Alvarado-Mendez

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In this paper, the Bragg mirrors manufactured of the macroporous silicon infiltrated with liquid crystals are investigated. The reflectance spectrum of the structure is calculated using a transfer matrix method. The influence of the applied alternating field on reflectance spectrum of the structure is considered. The comparative analysis of the Bragg(More)
We study experimentally and numerically the transient behavior of a (2+1)D beam when it is totally reflected by nonlinear interface formed by SBN61:Ce photorefractive crystal. The dynamics give rise to observation of new beams. Due to modulation instability of the beam, the nonlinear interface stimulates the break of the beam into new beams that are(More)
The problem of discrete light is very important from the physical point of view. Waveguides arrays, discrete solitons, optical switching are some applications of periodic structures. Experimental results obtained by periodic structures used in nonlinear liquids media are shown. In particular, we study self-focusing effect in CS<sub>2</sub> with amplitude(More)
The problem of solving large Markov decision processes accurately and quickly is challenging. Since the computational effort incurred is considerable, current research focuses on finding superior acceleration techniques. For instance, the convergence properties of current solution methods depend, to a great extent, on the order of backup operations. On one(More)
We demonstrate that periodic lattice arrays can be formed by interferometry patterns. An advantage of this system is the possibility of change different geometries of periodic lattice arrays only varying the mirror of the experimental setup. The patterns can be recorded in a special film emulsion and we studied the photonic band-gaps for different geometries
In this work we present a study of nonlinear optical properties in organic materials (hibiscus sabdariffa). Our results demonstrate that the medium exhibits a highly nonlocal nonlinear response. We show preliminary numerical results of the transmittance as nonlocal response by considering, simultaneously, the nonlinear absorption and refraction in media.(More)
We study de nonlinear optical properties of organic materials. Multiple rings appear as a CW Ar laser passes through a nonlinear organic liquid. The rings formation is due to spatial self-phase modulation and is observed with 50 mW of continuous wave of Ar laser. We show the dependence between power and rings formed. As a first approximation to value the(More)
This article presents the fabrication of Long Period Gratings in Optical Fiber (LPFGs) applied to the sensing loops. In implementing the manufacturing method used a commercial splicer fiber optic (FiTel S-175), capable of being programmed to a short section of standard optical fiber (SMF28) is taken at intervals between shots in a range from 400&#x00B5;m to(More)
In this contribution we simulate the dynamics of a charged particle when it is subjected into a magnetic field varying in time, particularly, in a ramp magnetic field. It is considered the Newton's Second Law and the Lorentz's Force Law and it can be observed the behavior of the particle with the analysis of the position, the velocity and the acceleration.(More)
We study de nonlinear optical properties of three ionic liquids of family [BMIM]. The ionic liquids are 1-buthyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate, 1-buthyl-3-methylimidazolium trifluoroacetate, and 1-buthyl-3-methylimidazolium Bis((trifluoromethyl)sulfonyl)imide. We calculate the static molecular polarizability (&#x03B1;) and hyperpolarizability(More)