Edgar Alonzo Martínez-García

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—We present a novel technique that robustly segments free-space for robot navigation purposes. In particular, we are interested in a reactive visual navigation, in which the rapid and accurate detection of free space where the robot can navigate is crucial. Contrary to existing methods that use multiple cameras in different configurations, we use a(More)
This work intends to check the efficiency of the 3-PG model (Physiological Principles in Predicting Growth) (Landsberg and Waring in For Ecol Manag 95:209–228, 1997) in the simulation of biomass growth for a natural Mediterranean maritime pine forest with two canopy layers comprising different species (Pinus pinaster Ait. subsp. mesogeensis and Quercus ilex(More)
This work presents a search planning system for a rolling robot to find a source of infra-red (IR) radiation at an unknown location. Heat emissions are observed by a low-cost home-made IR passive visual sensor. The sensor capability for detection of radiation spectra was experimentally characterized. The sensor data were modeled by an exponential model to(More)
— We present a visual based approach for reactive autonomous navigation of an underwater vehicle. In particular, we are interested in the exploration and continuous monitoring of coral reefs in order to diagnose disease or physical damage. An autonomous underwater vehicle needs to decide in real time the best route while avoiding collisions with fragile(More)
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