Edgar A. Duéñez-Guzmán

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In this paper, we propose a mechanism for systematic comparison of the efficacy of unsupervised evaluation methods for parameter selection of binarization algorithms in optical character recognition (OCR). We also analyze these measures statistically and ascertain whether a measure is suitable or not to assess a binarization method. The comparison process(More)
In this paper we propose GESwarm, a novel tool that can automatically synthesize collective behaviors for swarms of autonomous robots through evolutionary robotics. Evolutionary robotics typically relies on artificial evolution for tuning the weights of an artificial neural network that is then used as individual behavior representation. The main caveat of(More)
NLRP proteins are important components of inflammasomes with a major role in innate immunity. A subset of NLRP genes, with unknown functions, are expressed in oocytes and early embryos. Mutations of Nlrp5 in mice are associated with maternal-effect embryonic lethality and mutations of NLRP7 in women are associated with conception of biparental complete(More)
Microbial populations often contain a fraction of slow-growing persister cells that withstand antibiotics and other stress factors. Current theoretical models predict that persistence levels should reflect a stable state in which the survival advantage of persisters under adverse conditions is balanced with the direct growth cost impaired under favourable(More)
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