Ederson Marcos Sgarbi

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An obstacle in old document interpretation comes from the lack of image quality. Old documents frequently appear with digitization errors, uneven background, bleed-through effect. A new approach based on morphological color operators to restore the color text is presented. The morphological tools are based on three color spaces, HSI well known in(More)
Old documents frequently appear with digitalization errors, uneven background, bleed-through effect etc... Motivated by the challenge to improve printed and handwritten text, we developed a new approach based on morphological color operators using HSI color space. Our approach is composed of a morphological background estimation for foreground/background(More)
Measuring the quality of old document segmentation is not an easy task. We propose a strategy for the segmentation evaluation of Gutenberg's Bible page contents using synthetic ground-truth images. Experiments performed with synthetic ground-truth pages have shown a new assessment technique with promising results.
Software development should be alert to the time set for implementation, the costs involved and the level of quality that is sought for the software product. Software defect is in one of the factors that most influence the successful development of a software project, both in traditional designs, co-located, as in the design of distributed software(More)
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