Eder Mateus Nunes Gonçalves

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—Nowadays, problems demands new computational paradigms to solve them. New computational systems must consider features which before was not. Among these new features is the distributed nature of some systems. Nevertheless, even problems with a centralized nature has so high complexity that the best solution is to break them in small blocks. To deal with(More)
Schistosomiasis is a major public health concern, with 200 million people infected worldwide. In Brazil, this disease has been reported in 19 states, and its prevalence in the city of Barra Mansa in Rio de Janeiro State is 1 %. The parasitological diagnostic methods currently available in these areas lack sensitivity; however, enzyme-linked immunosorbent(More)
In the development of complex distributed systems using a cognitive multi-agent approach, where each agent encapsulates an expert system, the knowledge acquisition process is known to be the most difficult task. This paper presents a methodology based on planning and on high level Petri nets to the knowledge acquisition process of such systems. This(More)
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