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A new shifting grid clustering algorithm
A new density- and grid-based type clustering algorithm using the concept of shifting grid, which is a non-parametric type, which does not require users inputting parameters to obtain a more descriptive density profile. Expand
Probabilistic fault detector for Wireless Sensor Network
A novel centralized hardware fault detection approach for a structured Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) based on Naive Bayes framework that analyzes the end-to-end transmission time collected at the sink to maximize the network's life. Expand
Efficient selection of discriminative genes from microarray gene expression data for cancer diagnosis
A new mutual information (MI)-based feature-selection method to solve the so-called large p and small n problem experienced in a microarray gene expression-based data is presented and a new MI-based criterion is proposed to avoid the highly redundant selection results in a systematic way. Expand
A New Feature Selection Scheme Using a Data Distribution Factor for Unsupervised Nominal Data
A new efficient unsupervised feature selection method is proposed to handle nominal data without data transformation and combines the compactness and separation together with a newly introduced concept of singleton item. Expand
Topology-Based Clustering Using Polar Self-Organizing Map
Cluster analysis of unlabeled data sets has been recognized as a key research topic in varieties of fields. In many practical cases, no a priori knowledge is specified, for example, the number ofExpand