Edel Wasserman

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In high-spin chemistry, random-orientation fine-structure (FS) electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy entertains advantages as the most facile and convenient method to identify high-spin systems, as frequently reported in the literature. Random-orientation ESR spectroscopy applicable to organic high-spin entities can date back to the Wasserman and(More)
We report on a new measurement of the strength of the superallowed 0 → 0 transition in the β-decay of C: C(0, g.s.) → B(0, 1.74MeV) + e + ν. The experiment was done at the LBNL 88-inch cyclotron using forty seven GAMMASPHERE germanium detectors. Precise knowledge of this branching ratio is necessary to compute the superallowed Fermi f t, which gives the(More)
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