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In this paper we present preliminary work on integrating visual sensing with the more traditional sensing modalities for marine locations. We have deployed visual sensing at one of the Smart Coast WSN sites in Ireland and have built a software platform for gathering and synchronizing all sensed data. We describe how the analysis of a range of different(More)
Demands from various scientific and management communities along with legislative requirements at national and international levels have led to a need for innovative research into large-scale, low-cost, reliable monitoring of our marine and freshwater environments. In this paper we demonstrate the benefits of a multi-modal approach to monitoring and how an(More)
Estuaries and coastal areas contain increasingly exploited resources that need to be monitored, managed and protected efficiently and effectively. This requires access to reliable and timely data and management decisions must be based on analysis of collected data to avoid or limit negative impacts. Visually supported multi-modal sensing and data fusion(More)
Environmental monitoring is evolving towards large-scale and low-cost sensor networks operating reliability and autonomously over extended periods of time. Sophisticated analytical instrumentation such as chemo-bio sensors present inherent limitations because of the number of samples that they can take. In order to maximize their deployment lifetime, we(More)
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