Eddye Carter

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OBJECTIVES To explore the perceived benefits of a fluoride varnish training scheme, subsequent use of extended skills and any barriers that exist, in order to inform future training and practice. METHOD Questionnaire survey of the first four cohorts of fluoride varnish training at one London dental hospital. RESULTS Thirty-six (62%) nurses responded to(More)
Envelope protein immunogens may improve DNA or live-vectored HIV vaccines by complementing antiviral cellular responses with Env antibodies. We tested this concept by administering two immunizations of alum-adjuvanted HIV-1 89.6 gp120 to macaques being primed at weeks 0 and 8 with SHIV 89.6 Gag-Pol-Env DNA and boosted at week 24 with SHIV-89.6 Gag-Pol-Env(More)
The nature of dental problems peculiar to narcotic addicts is discussed. A high caries rate and severe periodontal disease are common and can be attributed to a combination of dietary considerations and oral neglect. Loss of customary accompanying analgesia may complicate an attempted withdrawal programme. An approach to dental treatment of the narcotic(More)
In the successful treatment of maxillo-facial injuries, the assessment of the damage sustained, the surgical management and post-operative follow-up will always remain the concern of a number of medical disciplines and therefore early consultation between various specialities is to be encouraged to ensure the best result for the patient. Of paramount(More)
In England there were 7,290 cases of tuberculosis (TB) reported in 2013. The area with the highest incidence of the disease in England is London, with hotspots in other urban areas. TB affecting the head and neck is rare. We present three such cases of TB presenting as pre-auricular swelling. Two of the patients were initially misdiagnosed as having dental(More)