Eddy Ríos-Olivares

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This is a continuation of our efforts to maintain a record of the evolution of HIV-1 infection in Puerto Rico by monitoring the expression levels of antiretroviral resistance-associated mutations. Samples from 2005 were analyzed (458: 270 males, 137 females, 51 anonymous), using the TRUGENE HIV-1 Genotyping Kit and the OpenGene DNA Sequencing System.(More)
We have shown previously that whereas acute exposure of cultured murine peritoneal macrophages inhibits phagocytosis, chronic exposure results in a putative tolerant/dependent state. We now report similar observations using human cultured monocyte-derived macrophages (hMDM) from a control population and from methadone patients. With hMDM, acute exposure to(More)
BACKGROUND The current live vaccinia virus vaccine used in the prevention of smallpox is contraindicated for millions of immune-compromised individuals. Although vaccination with the current smallpox vaccine produces protective immunity, it might result in mild to serious health complications for some vaccinees. Thus, there is a critical need for the(More)
The introduction of antiretroviral therapy (ART) has allowed human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) suppression in patients. We present data of a cohort of Puerto Rican patients with HIV who were under treatment with a steady regime of ART across a time horizon of eleven years. The time periods were categorized into four year stratums: 2000 to 2002; 2003 to(More)
The purpose of this manuscript is to assess and compare HIV risk behaviors among early adolescents after a three-year pilot study. A total of 135 public and private junior high schools students completed the intervention protocol. A self-administered questionnaire was given at baseline and at the end of the third year (fourth measure). Descriptive and(More)
En educación médica, servicio público y a la comunidad, servicio a su membresía, publicaciones, medios de comunicación electrónica, defensa de los médicos en " issues de importancia " y tecnología, es-tamos a la vanguardia. Pronto, estaremos ampliando nuestros servi-cios y ofreciendo una excelente alternativa a la hora de entrar al mundo de " record "(More)
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