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Radicalism à la Mode or Outmoded
Bogues’s intellectual biography of some Africana figures enlarges TrouiUot’s argument that the Caribbean has always been modern not only to include the New World in the Americas but to support my ownExpand
Identity and Social Negotiations
I share Wittig’s intuition that identities devoid of self-consciousness are doomed to perpetuate the condition for oppression, although they may not be initially oppressive in themselves. HerExpand
Pineau’s Reminder
Joel Des Rosiers believes, as I do, that identity discussions privilege a point of origin. He thinks that writers are particularly prone to an obsession with origin. As he demonstrates the manyExpand
Collective Responsibility Revisited
Consider for a moment the implications of Walzer’s conception of global justice and its constituents: complex equality and mutual aid. Complex equality helps explain why, for example, insuranceExpand
Examples of Collective Responsibility in Practice
The conception of responsibility that I have in mind is, I believe, the best and the most appropriate for our time. It is exemplified in a report on health insurance on National Public Radio (NPR).Expand
Parceling the Globe: Philosophical Explorations in Globalization, Global Behavior, and Peace
William C. GAY: Editorial Foreword Acknowledgements Danielle POE and Eddy SOUFFRANT: Introduction: Parceling the Globe Part One: Taming the Beast Locating Global Movements William C. GAY:Expand
Three Conceptions of Collective Responsibility
What courses of actions would be justifiable under circumstances of corporate abuse or abuse of military or technological power? Or what should one do to restore participatory or representativeExpand
Toward a Collective Responsibility
Liberal democracy’s practical and theoretical exclusion has created many informal communities. Since liberal civil society is made up of individuals ideaUy representing themselves in a legitimateExpand
Using History and Nation as Structures of Identity
The foregoing has intimated that it is difficult to locate decisively the fundamental constituents of collective identity. Some have attempted a historico-practical approach: notice Metellus’sExpand